Phones in Newhall, Iowa from 319-223-0002 to 319-223-9929

City: Newhall
State: Iowa
Phone Code: 319-223

Name Phone Adress
Joel Cruzado 319-223-0002 68th St
Haley Stillman 319-223-0004 2nd St E
Carl Mirich 319-223-0007 4th Ave
Rosie Mcgee 319-223-0010 A St
Debbie Koss 319-223-0018 Co Trunk Hwy W24
Bennie Anderson 319-223-0022 27th Ave
Alma Henry 319-223-0027 2nd St E
Pat Casey 319-223-0030 2nd St E
Eddie Gourley 319-223-0040 72nd St
John Iii 319-223-0044 D Ave
Anderson John 319-223-0046 5th Ave
Joey Freedman 319-223-0051 27th Ave
Treena Becker 319-223-0053 4th Ave
Dennis Bentley 319-223-0060 2nd Ave
Edward Garcia 319-223-0064 71st St
Deanna Sfdhytyh 319-223-0065 B Ave
David Pekala 319-223-0072 Co Trunk Hwy E40
Cheryl Hawks 319-223-0080 1st Ave
Ida Trevino 319-223-0096 3rd Ave
Daniel Eastman 319-223-0106 4th St E
Joyce Ware 319-223-0108 1st St W
Ronald Wienert 319-223-0114 29th Ave
Carolyn Brooks 319-223-0134 69th St
Leonard Harper 319-223-0170 4th St E
Linda Knoblauch 319-223-0177 A Ave
Cathy Graves 319-223-0183 29th Ave
Antonea Mcdowell 319-223-0188 72nd St
Daniel Gordon 319-223-0211 5th St E
Jordan Pingel 319-223-0217 72nd St
Jon Carpenter 319-223-0220 71st St
Edgardo Francia 319-223-0236 72nd St
Keith Flanagan 319-223-0240 D Ave
Anthony Romero 319-223-0250 30th Ave
Brandy Mcsauby 319-223-0280 6th Ave
James Nance 319-223-0296 68th St
Jennifer Cleary 319-223-0360 A St
Kyung Choe 319-223-0425 70th St
Dena Nugen 319-223-0543 E Ave
Mira Parker 319-223-0595 2nd Ave
Angela Medley 319-223-0747 7th Ave
Cathy Dinh 319-223-0759 3rd St E
Deborah Gates 319-223-0773 4th St E
Kathy Krug 319-223-1021 5th St E
Judith Judd 319-223-1102 71st St
Jamie Koller 319-223-1231 5th Ave
Joanna Klein 319-223-1243 4th St E
Angela Henderson 319-223-1364 A Ave
Analisa Colon 319-223-1485 67th St
Denyse Elliott 319-223-1556 Main St
Alba Nagurney 319-223-1562 26th Ave
Kamran Syed 319-223-1714 30th Ave
Kimberly Shore 319-223-1731 71st St
Hamon Hamon 319-223-1733 Co Trunk Hwy W18
Craig Eisenbeis 319-223-1825 D Ave
Sandy Mcdeane 319-223-1835 68th St
Judy Geelhart 319-223-1854 Co Trunk Rd E44
Juanita Evans 319-223-2021 Co Trunk Hwy W24
David Disalvo 319-223-2028 3rd Ave
Bob Davenport 319-223-2082 Co Trunk Hwy W24
Jared Meade 319-223-2084 6th St E
Cathy Breton 319-223-2122 28th Ave
Adrian Applegate 319-223-2128 3rd Ave
Carol Trevino 319-223-2148 A Ave
K Mcgarvey 319-223-2246 1st Ave
Gino Augustine 319-223-2277 1st St W
Johnnie Hogue 319-223-2310 Co Trunk Hwy E40
Maria Jones 319-223-2412 State Hwy 287
John Mechler 319-223-2415 27th Ave
Andy Kerzman 319-223-2435 27th Ave
Floyce Wilson 319-223-2466 71st St
Alvin Blackmon 319-223-2486 69th St
Billy Sloan 319-223-2494 2nd Ave
Beryle Eaton 319-223-2495 6th Ave
Mark Felder 319-223-2509 28th Ave
Marlene Johonson 319-223-2548 30th Ave
Cian Darr 319-223-2574 N Main St
Dessie Devito 319-223-2686 State Hwy 199
Chris Sitler 319-223-2697 1st Ave
Elisara Utoaluga 319-223-2699 68th St
Naomi Waterman 319-223-2852 5th Ave
Brad Kincaid 319-223-2914 3rd St E
Gail Seabert 319-223-2931 7th Ave
Thomas Jones 319-223-2941 29th Ave
Eva Caraballo 319-223-2989 70th St
John Graham 319-223-3095 Co Trunk Hwy W14
Derek Zolo 319-223-3126 67th St
Kim Butters 319-223-3197 25th Ave
Joseph Scott 319-223-3235 Co Trunk Rd E44
Charles Fuqua 319-223-3249 State Hwy 287
Guadalupe Diaz 319-223-3263 27th Ave
Scott Solsvig 319-223-3417 1st Ave
Julie Palella 319-223-3421 1st St W
Andrew Lee 319-223-3436 2nd St E
Jim Maccoy 319-223-3519 C Ave
Kyle Clodfelder 319-223-3582 N Main St
Jesse Enderson 319-223-3597 Co Trunk Hwy W18
Leonard Portnoy 319-223-3654 1st St W
Jay Reeder 319-223-3663 30th Ave
Karen Anderson 319-223-3679 1st Ave
Sarah Scott 319-223-3688 N Main St
Bobbi Mckim 319-223-3731 Main St
Alicia Solomon 319-223-3862 Co Trunk Rd E44
C Lacouter 319-223-3904 72nd St
Debra Martin 319-223-3948 State Hwy 287
Helen Scarver 319-223-3956 3rd Ave
Mike Snow 319-223-4036 72nd St
David Sharp 319-223-4132 Co Trunk Hwy W18
Lakisha Parks 319-223-4140 26th Ave
Fuad Abdi 319-223-4163 4th Ave
Nicole Castillo 319-223-4211 A Ave
Darren Ide 319-223-4233 67th St
Cherece Richards 319-223-4245 1st St E
Angela Smith 319-223-4350 29th Ave
Alvira Gambler 319-223-4465 Co Trunk Hwy W24
Alexis Fitzhenry 319-223-4490 5th St E
Erik Christensen 319-223-4495 27th Ave
Jenn Williams 319-223-4561 68th St
Jan Kobylarczyk 319-223-4562 28th Ave
Jason Smith 319-223-4582 67th St
Ashley Wiser 319-223-4598 5th St E
A Gambow 319-223-4651 E Ave
Jessica Colby 319-223-4686 74th St
Darrell Espe 319-223-4865 2nd St E
Foster Boop 319-223-4946 3rd St E
Cynthia Simpson 319-223-4960 Co Trunk Hwy W18
Richard Hoying 319-223-5022 70th St
Rose Rash 319-223-5055 State Hwy 199
Ian Mackinnon 319-223-5146 67th St
Heidi Beem 319-223-5327 6th Ave
Emerald LLC 319-223-5486 5th St E
Gerald Perkins 319-223-5549 A Ave
Wade Pottinger 319-223-5669 Railroad St
Kyle Mcquistion 319-223-5682 B Ave
Donetta Boyd 319-223-5692 70th St
Heath Benjamin 319-223-5716 4th Ave
Vickie Marble 319-223-5817 69th St
Julie Twardowski 319-223-6011 7th Ave
Amber Parker 319-223-6036 26th Ave
Clifford Murray 319-223-6042 26th Ave
Jeffrey Kinne 319-223-6085 A Ave
Andrew Bohan 319-223-6234 2nd St E
Irvin Brummett 319-223-6236 State Hwy 199
Anh Nguyen 319-223-6332 1st St W
Deborah Cambria 319-223-6392 C Ave
Joe Johnson 319-223-6599 State Hwy 199
Bob Perryman 319-223-6654 68th St
Eugene Farrell 319-223-6734 2nd St E
Brian Benjamin 319-223-6972 6th St E
Jeffrey Leggions 319-223-7008 1st Ave
Antoine Davis 319-223-7044 29th Ave
Mario Barjon 319-223-7118 2nd Ave
Alexis Johnson 319-223-7209 1st St W
Christina Brown 319-223-7216 1st St E
Danny Rodriguez 319-223-7300 State Hwy 287
James Gleeson 319-223-7320 67th St
Gary Anderson 319-223-7399 B Ave
Larry Hughes 319-223-7428 Co Trunk Hwy W14
Hui Ang 319-223-7660 A St
Oneal Usher 319-223-7682 Main St
Sean Frank 319-223-7735 27th Ave
Carey Sullivan 319-223-7783 A St
Alex Merlino 319-223-7810 27th Ave
Jasmine Duminie 319-223-7871 69th St
Aaliyah Luna 319-223-7947 7th Ave
Karen Corwin 319-223-8036 72nd St
Jamie Naylor 319-223-8080 1st St E
Brien Mcnamara 319-223-8121 Co Trunk Hwy E40
Brajesh Dubey 319-223-8157 Co Trunk Hwy W14
Frederic Wallace 319-223-8217 67th St
Dorothy Ward 319-223-8280 A Ave
Hui Mei 319-223-8314 72nd St
Kenneth Drummond 319-223-8356 2nd Ave
Brenda Revels 319-223-8432 Co Trunk Hwy W18
Eric Brennan 319-223-8454 State Hwy 287
Victoria Hayes 319-223-8518 1st St E
Albert Couch 319-223-8534 E Ave
Erick Varela 319-223-8662 4th St E
John Uher 319-223-8752 6th Ave
Evelyn Buday 319-223-8873 3rd St E
Gary Loberg 319-223-8892 6th Ave
John Cox 319-223-8921 67th St
G Mccarty 319-223-8945 Main St
Cindi Willhite 319-223-8983 1st St W
Jeremiah Harris 319-223-8993 72nd St
Ashish Patel 319-223-8999 2nd St E
Joseph Johnson 319-223-9049 72nd St
Emerson Lauama 319-223-9077 2nd Ave
Lauea Beck 319-223-9130 4th Ave
Cathy Gula 319-223-9158 26th Ave
Robert Grove 319-223-9265 B Ave
Angela Warren 319-223-9353 28th Ave
James Bond 319-223-9428 Main St
Genia Ortiz 319-223-9566 4th Ave
Jeffrey Gielow 319-223-9602 D Ave
Jessica Cheatwood 319-223-9603 D Ave
Dustin Freeburg 319-223-9627 30th Ave
Chris Tracey 319-223-9813 4th St E
Eleanor Black 319-223-9914 30th Ave
Kristina James 319-223-9922 2nd St E
Amanda Cameron 319-223-9929 C Ave

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