Phones in Vinton, Iowa from 319-214-0005 to 319-214-9955

City: Vinton
State: Iowa
Phone Code: 319-214

Name Phone Adress
Savannah Dudley 319-214-0005 E 1st St
Chris Smallwood 319-214-0011 Benton Buchanan Rd
Sylvia Lemons 319-214-0027 S 9th Ave
Doris Paul 319-214-0045 59th St Trl
Chad Erickson 319-214-0050 Golf View Dr
Vickeda Johnson 319-214-0052 56th St
Kellie Smoyer 319-214-0053 Bing Miller Ln
Jessica Harper 319-214-0059 Lutheran Home Ct
Lynda Freda 319-214-0062 6th Ave
David Quintilla 319-214-0090 57th St Trl
Brittany Kelly 319-214-0121 Co Trunk Hwy E12
Jennifer Scott 319-214-0140 C Ave
Amber Matthews 319-214-0148 22nd Ave
Jose Ramirez 319-214-0158 58th Street Dr
Ashley Teasdale 319-214-0179 W 19th St
David Johnson 319-214-0191 33rd Ave
Darci Ezinga 319-214-0212 State Hwy 198
Denise Bjorklund 319-214-0216 Riverside Dr
Heather Henry 319-214-0230 E 1st St
Emily Masri 319-214-0233 N 9th Ave
Charles Miranda 319-214-0243 55th St Dr
Joseph Powers 319-214-0280 55th Street Dr
Aza Muzorewa 319-214-0284 S 8th Ave
Elizabeth Savu 319-214-0289 21st Avenue Dr
Brian David 319-214-0292 State Hwy 150
James Reynolds 319-214-0301 25th Ave
Debra Green 319-214-0315 67th St
William Hartigan 319-214-0327 S 1st Ave
Dianne Threeton 319-214-0352 18th Ave
Alma Rodriguez 319-214-0357 W 16th St
Hope Stroud 319-214-0403 30th Ave Dr
Barbara Turner 319-214-0431 C Ave
Lamonce Scypion 319-214-0662 61st Street Dr
James Giglia 319-214-0790 20th Avenue Dr
Anne Bishop 319-214-1014 27th Ave
Caren Forbus 319-214-1054 52nd Street Dr
Dan Nguyen 319-214-1181 W 11th St
Doug Frost 319-214-1204 W 4th St
Andrea Weaver 319-214-1236 Donels
Gaynell Curley 319-214-1710 59th Street Dr
Ramona Nelson 319-214-1757 28th Avenue Dr
Brad Stager 319-214-1796 Co Trunk Hwy E22
Jennifer Coleman 319-214-1831 4th Ave
Carol Burke 319-214-1967 S M Ave
Jim Zahn 319-214-1970 W 18th St
Fredrick Sanders 319-214-1996 65th St
Cassue Lopez 319-214-2023 S 14th Ave
Ernest Clark 319-214-2072 W 8th St
D Shaw 319-214-2128 Co Trunk Hwy E36
Alton Mccane 319-214-2148 Sunset St
Deborah Schemel 319-214-2200 51st Street Dr
Jane Nolen 319-214-2216 E 13th St
Angela Stiegman 319-214-2244 59th Street Dr
Danielle Tran 319-214-2368 Co Trunk Hwy E22
Gary Almquist 319-214-2369 3rd Ave
Brett Alford 319-214-2396 14th Ave
John Goedecke 319-214-2406 Co Trunk Hwy E24
Bob Rock 319-214-2410 30th Ave
Hank Germain 319-214-2445 W 2nd St
Eddie Cook 319-214-2551 W 18th St
Jason Wilson 319-214-2618 W 21st St
Jennifer Young 319-214-2619 C Ave
Courtney Keifer 319-214-2628 53rd St
Clarence Carthen 319-214-2719 S 8th Ave
Doris Jackman 319-214-2760 S 9th Ave
Holly Warehime 319-214-2863 E Ave
Dana Galvez 319-214-2950 58th St
David Finnamore 319-214-2973 A Ave
George Thurman 319-214-3099 55th St Dr
Alan Tam 319-214-3128 W 17th St
David Heath 319-214-3145 Co Trunk Hwy W14
Erma Mccune 319-214-3175 53rd St
Jacob Peterson 319-214-3200 Co Trunk Hwy E22
Michaelyn Aiello 319-214-3220 W 11th St
Judith Dipaola 319-214-3314 E 13th St
Balls Onya 319-214-3399 Co Trunk Hwy V64
Brian Claypool 319-214-3412 62nd St
James Glicker 319-214-3492 22nd Ave
Cassidy Beasley 319-214-3639 13th Ave S
Chris Cook 319-214-3683 55th St Dr
Rick Fournier 319-214-3690 23rd Ave
James Bielefeldt 319-214-3700 33rd Ave
Jimmy Fabian 319-214-3758 Cedarview Dr
Cynthia May 319-214-3771 N Ave S
Blair Barbary 319-214-3819 24th Avenue Dr
Amy Alimorong 319-214-3960 Co Hwy V61
Angel Sanchez 319-214-4148 21st Avenue Dr
L Mautino 319-214-4202 S E Ave
Keyvan Bohlooli 319-214-4227 65th St
Cordell Mcmillon 319-214-4255 C Ave
Eric Melick 319-214-4274 55th St
Debra Chilen 319-214-4557 30th Ave
D Coombs 319-214-4561 W 16th St
Brock Brock 319-214-4591 W 9th St
Addison Addison 319-214-4630 55th St
Dee Bram 319-214-4666 18th Ave
Gerald Schott 319-214-4674 28th Avenue Dr
Howell Connie 319-214-4768 23rd Ave
Socelyn Ramos 319-214-4844 N 9th Ave
Jim Sanchez 319-214-4849 63rd St
Douglas Dever 319-214-4911 Deer Run Dr
Brian Mcpartlin 319-214-4996 30th Ave Dr
Alice Tseng 319-214-5146 14th Ave
Faye Dollar 319-214-5163 Co Trunk Rd E30
Jon Brock 319-214-5169 W 1st St
Ernest Kobeski 319-214-5181 61st St
Judith Skogmo 319-214-5204 30th Ave
Jessica Dent 319-214-5281 54th St
Shavonkia Bates 319-214-5284 Lutheran Home Ct
Dane Pearson 319-214-5347 3rd Ave
Clifford Wilson 319-214-5356 W 16th St
Janet Lombardi 319-214-5386 Cedar Ridge Rd
Jaclyn Reyes 319-214-5389 Lutheran Home Ct
A Lasoff 319-214-5410 US Hwy 218
Cassidy Wythe 319-214-5415 57th St
Torri Carter 319-214-5467 Co Trunk Hwy V61
Tysla Huynh 319-214-5526 Co Trunk Rd E30
Yazmin Vargas 319-214-5543 25th Avenue Dr
Barrett Rosemary 319-214-5657 L Ave
Chris Daugherty 319-214-5796 2nd Ave
Carol Hoagland 319-214-5803 Co Hwy E30
Freda Demilt 319-214-5867 Co Trunk Hwy V64
Ashlee Johnson 319-214-5884 5th Ave
Edward Shoro 319-214-5902 Donels
Anthony Tavares 319-214-5911 31st Ave Trl
David Cavanaugh 319-214-5966 58th Street Dr
Glenn Taylor 319-214-5971 E 10th St
Bobby Hill 319-214-6035 31st Avenue Trl
Justin Ruff 319-214-6179 US Hwy 218
Alston Denton 319-214-6276 18th Ave
Leon Holmes 319-214-6291 30th Ave
Ismael Mendoza 319-214-6296 25th Ave
Anne Kinard 319-214-6364 25th Ave
Becky Rice 319-214-6408 S Ave S
Jones Randy 319-214-6478 27th Ave
James Dowden 319-214-6483 66th St
Frances Bunner 319-214-6548 W 16th St
Cozart Roy 319-214-6559 23rd Avenue Dr
Stewart Hogan 319-214-6590 56th St
Eugene Apell 319-214-6626 O Ave S
Gary Savage 319-214-6636 S 8th Ave
James Jackson 319-214-6769 Bing Miller Ln
Elizabeth Leffew 319-214-6831 3rd Ave
Donald Wolford 319-214-6844 65th St
Cami Miller 319-214-6935 W 8th St
Don Hendrix 319-214-6945 67th St
Hope Soliz 319-214-6950 I Ave
Amanda Smith 319-214-6955 63rd St
Chris Rumore 319-214-6986 Riverside Dr
Luke Hoffman 319-214-6998 S 1st Ave
John Ramos 319-214-7126 S E Ave
Grant Williams 319-214-7322 I Ave
Aaron Lawless 319-214-7338 5th Ave
Daniel Curtis 319-214-7343 E 4th St
Mary Pietz 319-214-7368 6th Ave
Gloria Dailey 319-214-7381 30th Ave Dr
Walter Hendricks 319-214-7461 Golf View Dr
Connie Vakulich 319-214-7501 3rd Ave
Joe Hawthorne 319-214-7556 O Ave S
Dashawn Elliott 319-214-7616 59th St Trl
Antrim Kathleen 319-214-7720 S K Ave
Debbie Guntzel 319-214-7818 11th Ave
Shandray Judd 319-214-7858 J Ave
David Lowery 319-214-7902 7th Ave
Kaitlyn Moore 319-214-8000 W 17th St
Sean Malone 319-214-8074 26th Ave
James Schrage 319-214-8104 18th Ave
David Whitney 319-214-8178 31st Ave
Nicky Manglona 319-214-8205 N 9th Ave
Jody Gant 319-214-8253 61st St
Cef Biton 319-214-8255 L Ave
John King 319-214-8356 66th St
Ambera Silvers 319-214-8537 D Ave
Colby Craige 319-214-8579 29th Avenue Dr
Lamar Garrett 319-214-8766 30th Ave
Jhvc Lygop 319-214-8810 E 3rd St
Fatih Eldridge 319-214-8824 Washington Dr
Corey Anderson 319-214-8856 31st Ave Trl
Elaine Gumberg 319-214-9062 E 6th St
Yvonne Wilcox 319-214-9122 W 3rd St
Jeanine Buckley 319-214-9148 64th St
Heather Lewis 319-214-9220 12th Ave S
Kay Dille 319-214-9232 B Ave
Emily Lester 319-214-9244 Country Club Dr
April Jordan 319-214-9292 A St E
David Mccaughin 319-214-9323 19th Ave
Eric Galloway 319-214-9327 20th Ave
Judith Rogers 319-214-9391 61st Street Trl
George Martinez 319-214-9393 51st St
Mary Yates 319-214-9427 I Ave
Kimneika Bryant 319-214-9430 W 11th St
Sabrena Gerideau 319-214-9552 Virginia Gay Dr
Charlie Hsieh 319-214-9680 22nd Ave
Erica Galbut 319-214-9688 N R Ave
Craig Morton 319-214-9699 S M Ave
Brandy Townley 319-214-9828 Virginia Gay Dr
Carolyn Jarrett 319-214-9866 J Ave
Alicia Acord 319-214-9888 W 13th St
Arthur Beckwith 319-214-9941 30th Ave Dr
Corrine Wiegand 319-214-9955 B Ave

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