Phones in Vinton, Iowa from 319-472-0008 to 319-472-9979

City: Vinton
State: Iowa
Phone Code: 319-472

Name Phone Adress
Wesley Standley 319-472-0008 52nd Street Dr
Thomas Mclaurin 319-472-0009 N R Ave
Mandell Mandell 319-472-0015 W 18th St
Lacy Lesmeister 319-472-0017 N M Ave
Elena Martin 319-472-0019 Co Trunk Rd E30
Renee Doremus 319-472-0046 W 6th St
Deb Parkey 319-472-0048 59th Street Trl
Benjamin Bowsman 319-472-0054 W 14th St
Matthew Cash 319-472-0057 E 8th St
Ricardo Finn 319-472-0061 29th Avenue Dr
Veronica Grady 319-472-0064 Sunset St
Deon Johnson 319-472-0069 I Ave
Karen Mitchiner 319-472-0071 W 14th St
J Vandeweghe 319-472-0079 13th Ave
Eric Murphy 319-472-0091 29th Avenue Dr
Darlene Peterson 319-472-0095 55th St
Hare Hare 319-472-0120 E 21st St
Jessica Moore 319-472-0127 I Ave
Ayres Marti 319-472-0130 S 9th Ave
Anna Finley 319-472-0137 20th Ave
Jim Wasson 319-472-0145 60th Street Dr
Jeff Coble 319-472-0152 64th St
Joyce Lamberty 319-472-0153 N R Ave
Johan Alvarez 319-472-0155 22nd Ave
Joseph Ciappi 319-472-0179 N 9th Ave
Hedrick Hedrick 319-472-0180 18th Ave
Claudia Cardosa 319-472-0190 W 15th St
James Hiatt 319-472-0193 I Ave
Betty Wilson 319-472-0207 51st Street Dr
Janice Mckinney 319-472-0232 25th Avenue Dr
Anthony Sciarra 319-472-0250 A Ave
April Cholodenko 319-472-0291 I Ave
Anne Short 319-472-0293 Co Hwy V71
Diana Brudzewski 319-472-0321 61st St
Eugene Martin 319-472-0481 67th St
Amy Fioriello 319-472-0502 57th St
Clarence Aaserud 319-472-0505 F Ave
Jan Greenwalt 319-472-0507 58th St
Beatrice Cobb 319-472-0610 E 21st St
Bob Diener 319-472-0615 Park Dr
Brian Spears 319-472-0692 26th Ave Dr
Brian Spears 319-472-0693 W 18th St
Brad Hill 319-472-0784 10th Ave
Will Curry 319-472-0886 State Hwy 150
Lisa Franklin 319-472-0909 20th Avenue Dr
Greg Mcdonald 319-472-0991 W 21st St
Daniel Castro 319-472-1111 E 1st St
Zaki Maayah 319-472-1127 64th St
Lan Smith 319-472-1160 Riverside Dr
Katelyn Kirchner 319-472-1213 S E Ave
Karen Oakes 319-472-1245 E 1st St
Ed Milburn 319-472-1305 56th St
Dawn Cooke 319-472-1390 22nd Ave
Beverly Polk 319-472-1394 W 10th St
Mikka Ford 319-472-1485 59th St
Debi Trotter 319-472-1516 61st St
Kazi Farooqui 319-472-1546 W 18th St
Desiree Wessell 319-472-1573 N 8th Ave
Cody Wells 319-472-1580 S 1st Ave
Cheryl Cook 319-472-1628 O Ave S
Joshua Kaufman 319-472-1697 59th Street Dr
Joseph Smith 319-472-1744 59th Street Dr
Evelyn Gonzalez 319-472-1805 61st Street Trl
Karla Roberts 319-472-1821 W 19th St
Becky Finch 319-472-1854 W 13th St
Karl Domangue 319-472-1882 12th Ave S
John Welborn 319-472-1897 D Ave
Chuck Dickson 319-472-1935 6th Ave
Alysha Ivory 319-472-1940 W 15th St
Brenda Farmer 319-472-2081 14th Ave
Michael Frazier 319-472-2112 27th Ave
Kim Kincaid 319-472-2139 Riverview Dr
Gordon Gilchrist 319-472-2232 E 5th St
K Byrnes 319-472-2260 13th Ave S
Chris Wielgos 319-472-2291 W 4th St
Amber Middleton 319-472-2341 F Ave
Menon Yerton 319-472-2365 18th Ave
Connie Lopez 319-472-2603 N 9th Ave
Forrest Dyer 319-472-2654 W 13th St
Charles Dierker 319-472-2719 Country Club Dr
Paul Mitchell 319-472-2840 18th Ave
David Rice 319-472-2862 28th Avenue Dr
Gilton Bolanos 319-472-2925 23rd Ave
Jami Spaeth 319-472-2990 20th Avenue Dr
Gary Azurin 319-472-3003 62nd St
Alicia Hilaire 319-472-3068 Co Trunk Hwy E16
Dane Goetzinger 319-472-3078 W 2nd St
Gammon Chapman 319-472-3127 W 3rd St
David Smith 319-472-3274 C Ave
Jasper Price 319-472-3306 W 6th St
Brian Reed 319-472-3316 1st Ave
Lavada Santana 319-472-3329 19th Ave
Gage Antoinette 319-472-3414 W 3rd St
L Balletti 319-472-3440 55th St Dr
Kevin Lane 319-472-3482 28th Ave
Chloe Martin 319-472-3521 65th St
Joanne Cuomo 319-472-3531 W 7th St
Beza Merid 319-472-3565 Q Ave
Emily Kuhre 319-472-3698 W 11th St
Karen Davies 319-472-3707 Co Hwy V61
Jim Moore 319-472-3810 E 1st St
Alan Hartwick 319-472-3888 12th Ave S
Aaron Jackson 319-472-4077 Sunset St
Oliver Holmes 319-472-4156 55th St
Kristi Roppel 319-472-4177 56th Street Trl
Jacques Bilodeau 319-472-4191 W 8th St
Kenneth Carter 319-472-4213 Donels
Debbie Modawell 319-472-4234 23rd Avenue Dr
Diana Lyles 319-472-4275 Donels
Dan Stevenson 319-472-4381 Co Trunk Hwy E36
Irene Blazak 319-472-4400 10th Ave
Glenn Fisher 319-472-4548 3rd Ave
Caliyah Bowman 319-472-4608 Cedar Ridge Rd
Estela Rivera 319-472-4655 Washington Dr
Eric Norman 319-472-4680 22nd Avenue Rd
Jerry Miller 319-472-4878 59th St Trl
Karen Klusaritz 319-472-4896 Scenic Dr
Jessica Helems 319-472-4936 Riverside Dr
Kelly Scutt 319-472-4953 A Ave
Tanesia Devine 319-472-5037 Q Ave
Scott Johnson 319-472-5053 Co Trunk Hwy V64
Laura Rosen 319-472-5171 E 4th St
Bonnie Banks 319-472-5288 52nd St
Amy Niedert 319-472-5328 Riverview Dr
John Hoersten 319-472-5493 Riverside Dr
Delmar Cochran 319-472-5496 59th Street Dr
Barbara Delisi 319-472-5517 6th Ave
Betty Melreit 319-472-5532 E 9th St
Dale Scaturro 319-472-5543 33rd Ave
Jimmy Miranda 319-472-5583 E 15th St
Quincy Tolbert 319-472-5627 Co Hwy D62
Cindy Schulz 319-472-5654 S 8th Ave
Lisa Howard 319-472-5683 60th Street Dr
Desiree Braun 319-472-5745 58th St Way
Debbie Fine 319-472-5758 63rd St
Hayley Hayward 319-472-5793 66th St
Allie Bovee 319-472-5871 5th Ave
Andrea Mayer 319-472-5967 Sunset St
John Delate 319-472-6052 11th Ave
Tonya Reed 319-472-6076 Co Hwy E30
Michael Martinez 319-472-6103 Cedarview Dr
Indigo Crone 319-472-6121 S Ave S
Joanna Beniger 319-472-6170 N R Ave
Angela Lounis 319-472-6215 S Ave S
Audretta Grant 319-472-6244 W 2nd St
Cynthia Rivera 319-472-6321 US Hwy 218
Adam Lindsey 319-472-6322 55th St Dr
Abass Boke 319-472-6389 W 12th St
Darren Ryle 319-472-6582 E 9th St
Ernesteen Ashley 319-472-6655 W 11th St
Jennifer Parent 319-472-6786 3rd Ave
Margie Lynch 319-472-6974 Co Trunk Hwy W14
Thomas Mastrelli 319-472-7010 US Hwy 218
Gilbert Montoya 319-472-7026 18th Ave
Kimberly Pery 319-472-7150 23rd Avenue Dr
Aissa Yacouba 319-472-7213 A St E
Clayton Williams 319-472-7401 W 2nd St
Kevin Gilmartin 319-472-7454 W 18th St
Joe Brown 319-472-7551 23rd Ave
Jo Brown 319-472-7564 5th Ave
Frank Howell 319-472-7665 63rd St
Beverly Dudas 319-472-7866 Co Trunk Hwy E36
Institute Shalom 319-472-8041 28th Ave
Kenneth Quince 319-472-8096 S E Ave
Debra Shell 319-472-8107 E 13th St
Aaron Alpers 319-472-8109 E 11th St
Jehu Mota 319-472-8115 Donels Dr
Jennifer Murphy 319-472-8125 Q Ave
Anna Abramyan 319-472-8182 22nd Ave
Christina Monte 319-472-8188 A St E
Barbara Russell 319-472-8269 20th Avenue Dr
Ashley Drew 319-472-8400 Sunset St
Jodi Flax 319-472-8430 21st Avenue Dr
Douglas Cummings 319-472-8469 Co Trunk Hwy V61
Br Smith 319-472-8515 Golf View Dr
Karey Apodaca 319-472-8537 24th Avenue Dr
Melissa Mitchell 319-472-8554 W 9th St
Patty White 319-472-8666 W 10th St
Fred Gillett 319-472-8699 13th Ave
Breada Potts 319-472-8733 Benton Buchanan Rd
Alan Borelli 319-472-8805 26th Ave Dr
Adam Johnson 319-472-8813 E 15th St
Daniel Johnson 319-472-9053 Co Hwy V61
Alex Gomez 319-472-9115 Co Trunk Hwy E22
Gregory Watford 319-472-9166 N 8th Ave
Shirley Mitchell 319-472-9274 E Ave
Wood Ronald 319-472-9340 58th St
Wall Wall 319-472-9469 A St E
Chris Thompson 319-472-9554 Co Hwy V66
Ann Miller 319-472-9559 67th St
Jaime Paredes 319-472-9560 S E Ave
Tonya Kinswa 319-472-9652 W 17th St
Stephens Company 319-472-9675 Cedarview Dr
Desiree Williams 319-472-9681 D Ave
Cynthia Ramirez 319-472-9729 N Ave S
Joshua Doble 319-472-9807 B Ave
Amy Duffjohnson 319-472-9870 N R Ave
Ashley Evavold 319-472-9947 S E Ave
Judith Sepulveda 319-472-9967 61st Street Dr
Scott James 319-472-9979 N M Ave

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